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Monday, March 21, 2011

Conversations with Baby Girl

-What have supper night?
-What are we having for supper tonight?  Ribs.
-I no like dat.
-What do you want for supper tonight?
-OK, we'll have meat.  With barbecue sauce on it.
-Are you gonna eat it?

-"You're precious!" I told her the other day.
-"I not precious.  I pretty!" was her reply.


I was helping her go potty this morning when she suddenly exclaimed, "I have dia-REE-ah!"  She didn't, but
she must have learned a new word. 


It took us about a week to figure out what she wanted when she said she wanted to watch "Bus." I racked my brain...did we have any videos with school buses on them? Maybe trains...is she confused? No, she didn't want Chuggington or Choo Choo Soul. As I was scrolling through the DVR menu, she suddenly stopped me and yelled, "Bus!" It was The Wizard of Oz. Then I figured out how she got "Bus" out of that. She left off the words "The Wizard." So she was saying "Of Oz." But she can't say "of." She says, "ub." So then the title became "Ub Os," because she can't make a Z sound yet. So this is how we got "Bus" out of The Wizard of Oz. I'm just glad I finally figured it out! I think it's because I'm starting to think like a 2-year-old.


-What supper night?  (This is the new thing she asks every day.)
-Pepper Couch?
-Yes, Pepper Couch.  Do you like that?


k said...

It have no earthly idea what any other 2 year old is saying, but with Ezra--it's crystal clear.

melissa said...

Love it!! We are just getting to this phase and it's so much fun.. and yes, one of the first sentences my baby has said is I pretty!

chris said...

this is great!! thanks for a glimpse into life with your little one!!