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Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Lady Laughing

Tell me if this ever happens to you.

You're sitting at the doctor's office, or in a meeting, or just driving in your car when a funny memory pops into your head.  You begin laughing out loud, like a crazy person.  This happens to me all the time!  Usually, the person nearest me will give me a strange look and say, "What?"  They totally don't get why I'm sitting there laughing my head off.  This seems to happen most often to me when I'm in church.  And when it does, I can't seem to get control of myself for quite some time.  I sit there with my head down, stifling my laughter, while my shoulders bob up and down for several minutes.  Eventually, my mom will poke me in the back and tell me to settle down.  Yes, I still get yelled at by my mom.

Today, I was washing dishes when I started laughing out loud.  I remembered the first time Son #2 went to play laser tag.  Hubby took the boys up to register their code names and get their equipment.  The other kids at the facility chose names like Viper, Blaze, Destroyer...you know, those typical American Gladiator names.  When the guy asked my son what he wanted his name to be, his reply was "Golf."  Not Cobra, Scar, or even Pit BullGolf.  At the time, it struck us as so funny and has remained a family joke ever since.  The employee shrugged and said, "Alright."  So when I remember how tickled we got, I still laugh out loud.  No, I'm not crazy, just easily amused. 

What makes you laugh out of the blue?


Kimberly said...

Yep, this happens to me. One memory in particular . . . when we were first married my husband made a spectacular leap onto our queen-sized bed, only it was a little TOO spectacular, and he completely fell off the opposite side. That never ceases to make me crack up when I think of it. Also, any of the funny things my kids have said over the years. Humor is good medicine!

~she~ said...

That is really funny!