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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Randomness

Look what is in my cupboard.

My evil sweet Hubby bought them for me at a recent Wal-Mart outing because he knows they're my most favorite thing in all the world.  But y'all know just like he knows....I'M ON A DIET!  Why would he do that to me?  As I type this, they are calling my name.  I don't know what to do.  Should I throw them in the trash?  Mail them to one of you?  (I don't care how fat all of you get!)  Give in to temptation???  I'm trying to save them for vacation, when I will allow myself a few sweet rewards.  Besides, what is vacation when you're dieting anyway?


There is a funky smell in my garage and I'm scared out of my wits that it's a dead mouse!  We've never had a mouse before and I'm paranoid.  Worse than that, do you remember this from the other day?

What if it's in there?  I think I would rather throw the entire bag away then to sort through it and find a dead mouse.  (No, my kids haven't earned all their stuff back yet.  Son #1 had to do one good deed to earn back his Boy Scout uniform for last night's meeting.  So the bag is mostly still full.  Let's hope it's mouse-less.) 


My daughter is crazy.  This is a baby doll carrier/car seat. 

She fastened herself in and couldn't get out.  There go our hopes for Harvard.  Hello Clown College.  (I don't know why she doesn't have pants on.  But check out those skinny legs!!!)


I don't know if I can make it 'til vacation without exploding.  Seriously, I think I might!  Right now, it is 30 degrees warmer there than it is here.  I just hope it's warm enough that I can bury my toes in the sand while reading a good book and watching the kids play.  Heaven!

Baby Girl, 2  years ago at the beach


Mimsie said...

Well, there is no doubt that you had better get started eating those creme eggs right away. After all, if the temp is 30 degrees warmer in the Palmetto State, they would all melt there. Isn't it true that if you eat them all at once there are fewer calories?

~she~ said...

I like your way of thinking!!!

k said...

That "There go our hopes for Harvard." comment cracked me up. Snort.

We had a funkytown smell under our kitchen sink and I think it was a rotting mouse inside of a trap (it's a closed top kind--better for my gentle sensibilities) that had failed to alert us via a blinking light of an inhabitant. The smell WAS BAD. T was out of town, so I had to grow a pair and toss the trap. Smell dissipated. Suspicion confirmed.