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Monday, March 14, 2011

Reasoning with a 2-year-old

"Who gave you that sucker?"
"Baby gave you that sucker?"
"Baby is not allowed to give you suckers.  Mama has to give you suckers."
{adorable grin}
"Well, you can keep it if you let me take your picture."

-ten minutes have passed-

"Where's your sucker?"
"I eat it."
"Where's the stick?"
"I eat it."
"You ate the stick?"
"Where's the sucker stick that you hold with your hand?"
"I put it da ploor."
"You put it on the floor?  Pick it up and put it in the trash."
"No, I put it da ploor.  I watch Dritch."
"You can watch Grinch when you throw your stick in the trash."

I guess that wasn't too bad.
She got a sucker and I got ten quiet minutes while she ate it.


k said...


I never realize how often Ezra runs until he has a sucker in his mouth. Disaster.

Linda said...

Cute story. Sometimes whatever it takes for a few minutes of peace is worth it.

melissa said...

So sweet...my favorite part is yesh!! Love this age!!!

Mimsie said...

She's just a doll!