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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow, I'm Dumb!

"Wow, I'm dumb!" is a phrase Hubby uses a lot around the house.  It refers to doing something totally stupid and almost being too embarrassed to talk about it.  But you're eventually willing to reveal your stupidity in order to get a laugh.  He thinks I should start a new blog called Wow, I'm Dumb!  I told him that I hope to not have enough material to fill an entire blog.  But I would make it a regular feature on this blog, if need be.

One of my worst Wow, I'm dumb moments was when I was walking down the stairs scanning the telephone's Caller ID list.  I missed the bottom step, crashed to the floor, and sprained my ankle.  (Good thing I don't text and drive!)  Had I not been in so much pain, I would have called out, "Wow, I'm dumb!" 

My favorite Wow, I'm dumb moment of Hubby's was when I caught him putting away a gallon of milk in the cupboard.  The day before, I woke up in the morning to find a gallon of milk in the cupboard.  I accused the kids of being careless and was so angry that they wasted half a gallon of milk.  (It was warm from having been out all night long.)  Hubby was furious.  Then a day later, I watched him as he did it.  I stopped him and said, "What did you just do?"  He turned and looked, then called out, "Wow, I'm dumb!"  I made him apologize to the kids for getting them in trouble.

When I tried to think of more stories, my mind drew a blank.  It seems like there are so many of them, but I guess we try to block them from our minds.  So I called Hubby at work to see what he had to contribute.  He thought for a few minutes and then started laughing out loud.  "The bike story!" he said.  Oh yes, the bike story!

There's a beautiful state park a couple hours from our house.  A large group of people from our church would all rent cabins the same week.  We would golf, fish, shop, hike, and boat together.  Hubby and I were taking a walk down the road when we stopped to talk to some friends.  They invited us to go on a bike ride with them.  Hubby volunteered to walk back to our cabin to get our bikes while I stayed to chat.  A few minutes later, here he came, flying down the hill.  He was riding one bike and holding the handlebar of the second bike.  He remembers being halfway down the big hill and thinking to himself How in the world am I going to stop the second bike?  3/4 of the way down the hill, he decided he could not.  Two bikes and Hubby all went flying through the air and made a spectacular crash in front of a dozen of our friends.  I don't know what was more hurt that day - his body or his ego.  But when the pain wore off, he was able to laugh at himself.  It actually was quite funny once I realized there were no broken bones.  So the moral of the story is, don't try to ride two bikes down a hill at once.

I wish you all a dumb-free day!  But if you wish to share your own Wow, I'm dumb stories, I will be happy to read them!


Madeline Elizabeth said...

Oh,these are hilarious! I especially like the bike story!!!!

Mimsie said...

It takes a special person to say they've done something dumb. Human beings in general don't want to admit it. I like your hubby for being able to laugh at himself!