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Monday, March 7, 2011

Over the Weekend

I watched my 2nd son place third in his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.

I stopped by the 16th birthday dinner of a girl who, for some reason, totally idolizes me.  Her mother died when she was about ten and I've felt such a burden for her ever since.  When I arrived at the family only dinner, she bear-hugged me and began sobbing.  I can't explain the emotions felt when experiencing something like that.

I did great on my diet.  My only cheat was a small bag of popcorn at the Pinewood Derby.  I'm down 7 lbs.

I bought two tiny potted plants for my kids' elementary teachers.  They were on special at the grocery store for $1.50.  I figured that the care of my children is definitely worth a buck and a half.

I also made sure to return my shopping cart to the proper place in the grocery store parking lot.  I always go the extra mile to place my cart inside the last remaining cart to save the 75-year-old cart guy named Virgil an extra step.

I got to experience some awesome church music on Sunday.

And I kept a somewhat clean house through it all.


Mimsie said...

By any chance, is your middle name "thoughtful"? That's especially heartwarming about the teenage girl who knows you are a true friend.

~she~ said...

Ha ha...no. But I had a very thoughtful mother who trained me well. I hope I didn't come across as bragging. Just trying to share the love!