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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Stolen Post

Yeah, it's 6:00.  No, I haven't posted yet today.  Yeah, I have so many things in mind I want to post about but don't have the time or mental clarity for any of them right now.  I seriously think I'm still jet-lagged.  How long can I use that excuse?  A month or two???

I'm also trying to get caught up on reading all my favorite blogs from when I was gone.  It's taking forever because all those awesome bloggers keep posting and posting!  It may take years.

Anyway, k posted this about a week ago and I thought it was clever.  So I'm gonna steal it.  (Swiper, no swiping!)  It's a writing exercise that requires a one word answer.  So let's see how I do.

yourself: busy

your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband, whatever): superman

your hair: graying

your mother: aging

your dog: nope

your favorite item: home

your dream last night: performing

your favorite drink: tea

your dream car: Mercedes

the room you are in: dining

your fear: failure

what you want to be in ten years: happy

who you hung out with last night: kids

what you're not: perfect

muffin: cinnamon

one of your wish items: patio

time: flies

the last thing you did: cooked

what you are wearing: plaid

your favorite weather:  seventy

your favorite book: Binchy

the last thing you ate: cake

your life: blessed

your mood: sleepy

your best friend: Hubby

what you are thinking about right now: eating

your car: van

what you are doing at the moment: coughing

your summer: amazing

your relationship status: blissful

what is on your tv: cartoons

what is the weather like: cool

when is the last time you laughed: four-ish

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