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Monday, September 5, 2011

Face Addicted to the Book

Do you know someone whose Face is addicted to the Book?  Facebook, that is.  Are you the one I'm talking about?  Let me describe this person for you.
  • You can't have a conversation over five minutes when the person does not mention the word Facebook.
  • Any story you try to tell, any news you begin to share is met with the response, "Yeah, I saw it on Facebook."
  • This person tells you things about your immediately family that you didn't know yet because they saw it on Facebook.
  • This person has friends in different states and countries that they don't even know; they're just Facebook friends.
  • Feeding their Farmville animals takes precedence over feeding their children.
  • This person knows where everyone is, what everyone is doing, who is vacationing where, and what everyone had for dinner. 
  • This person has seemingly no life outside of Facebook.
I have more than one person in my life who fits every one of these examples.  I'm sure you know more than a couple too.  I am finding that I have less and less in common with these people because I don't want to sit around and talk about Facebook all day.  I still value the art of communication. There's nothing quite like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend, shooting the breeze and discussing life.  I remember when I used to have hour long phone conversations with my friends.  That ship has sailed.  All conversation is now taking place on Facebook.

Yes, I have a Facebook account.  Sure, I have more than a couple hundred friends.  Still, I rarely sign on.  It's gotten to the point where Facebook totally drives me crazy.  I can't stand the addiction that certain people have to it.  They are neglecting their families and ruining their marriages over it.  I get sick to death of hearing what people are cooking for dinner, what movie they are watching, how their toenail clipping went, and how bored they are. 

Oh my, and then there are the people who reveal way too much personal information on Facebook.  Just the other day, an acquaintance posted, "I wish I was dead."  Now really, what were you trying to achieve by posting that?  Lemme guess, attention?  There would be no other reason to say that.  I would rather people be honest and post, "I'm having a rough day.  Would you all please give me some attention right now?"  This same person posts personal information about her kids running away from home and committing crimes.  Lovely.

When I first joined Facebook, the majority of the posts were funny.  People didn't say anything unless it was worth saying.  That's not the case any more.  It's too handy.  It's right there.  It's too easy.  Whatever you're feeling, whatever you're thinking is so easy to post on Facebook to be shared with your 800 closest friends.

If you find that you can't go more than five minutes in a day without mentioning the word Facebook, you might have a problem.  My suggestion to you is to take a breather.  Take a break.  See if you can survive life in the real world without Facebook.  Try it for a week.  If you don't explode, you've been successful.  See if you suddenly find more time on your hands for important things.  See if your relationships with those closest to you suddenly improves.

If you couldn't finish this post without checking your Facebook page, you are beyond help.  Well, at least beyond help from me.  I'm just a mom, a wife, an ex-teacher, and a blogger.  What do I know?

I think this is a great time to send out a request to follow me on Facebook!  Ha!  How is that for irony???

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imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

Yes, there certainly are some FB addicts, and there's often way too much information shared on FB, but the ones that drive me nuts are the texting addicts. To be on fb you usually have to be sitting in front of the computer (I know many people do it on their phones), but with texting you can be anywhere.

I was at a training session for a job about two years ago and while the trainer was talking, at least two of the younger people were texting--yikes!!! If I had been the trainer, I would have kicked them out and told them to find another job!

In lieu of my RANT about poor cell phone and texting etiquette, I'll end now.