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Friday, September 16, 2011


Have you seen those commercials for Slushy Magic?  I really want to try it but I know it certainly won't work as promised.  I would just end up disappointed that I couldn't have slushies whenever I wanted.


I am craving roasted pumpkin seeds and feel like decorating my house for fall.  I am resisting the urge because I want to hold on to summer as long as possible.  A friend I met last night showed up in boots.  I wore a short skirt with bare legs.  Either she's early or I'm late.


Remember the huge deal around here about my son saving up to buy a new iPod Touch?  Well, he's already lost it.  Makes me sick to my stomach.  That's exactly why kids shouldn't have expensive things.


I am glad we had Chicken Quesadillas for dinner last night and not "Chicken Diarrhea" like Baby Girl said.  (Say both words out loud and you'll be surprised how they sound alike.)  When Daddy called last night, she told him we were having Chicken Diarrhea for supper.


My marathon is in like a week.  I thought I was going to be ready but I feel quite unprepared.


I have about 16 lbs. of tomatoes sitting on my countertop- a beautiful sight indeed!  Today, I'm going to try my hand at homemade salsa.  I found an awesome, very detailed website that explains each step well.  I've never canned anything so I'm pretty nervous about how it will all work.  What if the salsa is nasty?  I can't imagine going through all that work and wasting all those beautiful tomatoes if I don't like the taste.  Well, I guess I could always sponsor a Salsa Giveaway here on my blog if that happens.  Wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

Mmmm. Toasted pumpkin seeds sound marvelous. I totally rushed the season and have worn boots twice already. I just realized fall doesn't start until next week, which is usually my benchmark for busting out my boots.

Good luck on the marathon. I can't wait to hear about it.