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Friday, September 23, 2011

+ & -

+ I love that it's nice enough today that I can walk outside in my bare feet to pick the few remaining tomatoes from the garden.  (Thanks to Baby Girl for being the foot model for this picture.)

-  I have a cough deep in my chest that's making me nervous.  Let's hope it's just a passing phase and not something that's going to keep me down.

+ I finished another Shutterfly book yesterday! They have an all new "Custom Path" that gives you complete creative control over how your page looks! I love that since I am so meticulous about exactly how my page is set up. Right now, they are offering 20% off of photo books and free shipping on orders over $30. What a perfect time to make a scrapbook to showcase all your summer memories!

- I have an album that spans the entire year of 2010. It's been sitting in my Shutterfly account, unpublished, since last December. I had an awesome coupon that expired 12/31 and I didn't finish in time. So it's been sitting there ever since. That makes me sad.

+ Son #1 gets to take free French Horn lessons at school that are paid for by the Band Boosters!  He was hand-picked to play French Horn in addition to Tuba, which he's been playing for a year.  I get such great joy watching him play.

-  Because of the two horns he's playing and how busy summer was, he has seriously neglected the guitar.  We need to get back to guitar lessons before he forgets everything he learned.

+ I have really gotten good sleep at night lately.  I think it's because of the open window beside my bed.

-  I totally just jinxed myself by saying I've been sleeping well lately.

+ Oh my, the roast beef we had for dinner last night!  I think I'll make a whole other post about that!

-  No leftovers means a peanut butter sandwich for lunch today.

+ I have changed my mindset and now I feel like I am ready to run a 10K this weekend!  I looked at someone much fatter than me who is running the half marathon.  If she can run the half, I can run my leg!  Doesn't that sound like good reasoning to you??

- The weather forecast for the marathon says high of 64 with a 40% chance of thunderstorms.  I guess that's better than a high of 60 with rain all day that was predicted a couple days ago.  Rain, rain go away!

+ Baby Girl has been eating better lately, BUT

- ...she wants to eat all day long.  Unlike normal people, she doesn't have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She snacks throughout the day.  That's a really bad habit to start!  This morning, she had "breptist" with her sister before school.  After we got home, she asked for a "stawbrerry."  It's healthy, so I obliged.  Then she asked for "breptist" again.  "You already had breakfast," I replied.  She threw a bit of a fit.  Then she remembered that she hadn't finished all the cereal in her bowl so she ate the rest.  Then she asked for crackers.  "No, not until lunch time," I said.  Again, a bitty fitty.  What do you do when you have a kid that rarely eats, but when she does, she's doing it wrong?!?


Courtney said...

I had a deal in my inbox that I mistakenly read expires today (and actually expired yesterday). This morning I finished up my third book for the buy-one-get-two-free deal to find that all were full price today. Majorly disappointed.

emmy said...

Are you sure baby girl isn't going through a growth spurt? My kids all ate non stop for a week or two and then grew an inch or two while they did nothing but sleep for another week. As long as they were eating healthy food I never questioned it. Now when they were asking for cookies and chips, well that was a different story.

Cory said...

So... are you gonna get your 2010 book now, with this latest discount. And "much fatter" really? That is funny, yet I bet that person still might be a good person, even if that is true. :)Love your blog!

Carrie said...

I love your +&- blogs. I look forward to them reading them! Fabulous idea!