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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am Not a Germaphobe

Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where David Puddy is a Germaphobe?  I find it to be hilarious but I don't think I fit into that category.  Maybe I'm wrong.

There have been several events lately that have made me wonder, Am I actually a Germaphobe?  I wash my hands before I eat.  If I'm in a place where that's not possible, I use Purell.  I wash my hands after I blow my nose, sneeze, or use the restroom. When I cook, I'm even more compulsive.  I wash my hands before I start cooking, after answering the phone, after looking up something on the computer, or after assisting the kids with something.  If people are going to be eating my cooking, I want to make sure they don't get any of my germs.  Does that make me a Germaphobe?

Many years ago, I was in the restroom at a store nursing my baby.  I exited the stall at the same time as another woman.  She noticed that I had my hands full and jumped to politely open the door for me.  "No, that's OK," I said.  "I'm going to wash my hands."  She smiled sweetly, opened the door, and left.  I was totally grossed out and have never forgotten that incident.

On occasion, I find myself in a handicapped restroom stall that has its own sink.  When I use the sink, I'm always worried that someone in the restroom will think I didn't wash my hands.  So if I have Baby Girl with me, I will say to her (for everyone else's benefit), "We already washed our hands in the stall.  We don't have to do it again."  I just want to make sure they all know.

I was with a friend in a restroom recently.  After using the bathroom, she turned on the water, quickly rinsed off her hands, and left.  That's better, I guess, but it still bothered me that she didn't use soap.

So you tell me.  Am I the odd one?  Am I a Germaphobe?  It seems to me like I am no longer the norm because I wash my hands often.


Cory said...

I do just like you. Public is the worst for me. I don't consider myself a germaphobe, just conscientious. ;) If I am in a public restroom, I always turn off the faucet and open the door with the paper towel. Why reinfest my self? Ha! At home I admit I wash my hands alot too. Especially when cooking. As a result my hands are always dry from having them in H2O. You're not a germaphobe, just a better standard of being than some. I am always disgusted to see woman just walk out of the restroom without washing, or just rinsing. GAG! {Fingers down throat}

Cory said...

Can I just say I wish there was a way to edit my comment. :) I see two words I wish to change. MYSELF, and A LOT. Good grief. I try to be better at grammar. LOL! Even if I don't know where all the apostrophes should go. :) Ha! That is my neurotic side. :)