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Monday, September 26, 2011

This Little Piggie had Roast Beef

I have never really made a good pot roast.  My mom made roast and potatoes all the time when I was growing up.  It was always good, but not phenomenal.  The potatoes, on the other hand, were amazing when she cooked them with the roast.  I remember declaring roast beef potatoes as my favorite food when I was just a kid.
When I got married, juggling a husband, a job, and student teaching was strenuous.  We were pretty poor and eating out was not an option.  I remember how easy it was when my mom made a pot roast.  She put it in the pan and turned the heat on.  That was about it.  You could throw in potatoes and carrots too.  So I did that.  It was not good. 

I tried again many times throughout the years.  I used the stovetop, the oven, the crockpot.  I cooked it for many hours, I cooked it for just a couple hours.  I finally came to the realization that I must just not like roast beef.  Bummer too, because I love those potatoes!

Jenna from Jenna's Journey recently posted about how good her Mama's roasts are.  She included a picture that made me want to drool.  She had some unique directions that I had never tried before but it still sounded extremely easy.  So I bought a roast and baby carrots on my next shopping trip and decided to give it a try.  I changed a few things along the way so I wrote them down just in case I loved it enough to make again.  It was a success and I will definitely be making it again!

(I failed to get a picture before we began eating.  As there were no leftovers, I certainly couldn't take one after dinner.  So I stole a random roast beef picture from Google.)  Here's my "recipe":
  • I heated just a bit of oil in a large skillet.  Jenna's recipe called for garlic powder, which I did not have.  So I browned a whole clove of garlic in the oil.  I decided to leave the whole clove in with the roast while it cooked and removed it later.
  • I sprinkled the roast with pepper only and browned both sides in the garlic oil. 
  • Then I added 1/4 C regular soy sauce, 1 C beef broth, and a large drinking glass of water. 
  • I brought it to a boil, then covered and simmered it slowly.
  • After 4 hours, I added peeled, quartered potatoes.
  • About 2 hours later, I added a couple handfuls of baby carrots.  There was still plenty of liquid in the pan but I would have added more if necessary.
  • I cooked the roast for 7 1/2 hours total.
  • As the kids set the table, I made a roux of 2 T butter and 2 T flour.  I slowly added hot broth until the consistency was perfect for gravy.  (There was still quite a bit of liquid left in the pan.)
Hubby went wild.  Son #1 declared this to be his most favorite supper from now on.  Baby Girl picked a little and then asked for soup.  I poured some of the extra broth into a small bowl and she ate it.  I now have to change my opinion that I don't like roast beef.  Because this, my friends, was Da Bomb!  I will be adding it to our regular rotation!  Thanks, Jenna!!!  (Thank your Mama too!)


imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

Sounds delicious. Makes me want to go out and get a roast. I'm going to the store in a little while, so I may just do that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cory said...

Ha! I am so sorry that you have struggled with roasts! I saw Jenna's recipe too. It looked great. I always poke tons of holes in my roast and marinate it (overnight if possible) in a little tomato juice and worsteshire (I have no idea how to spell that and don't feel like trying to find out now. :)). Then the next day I cut little slits everywhere on it and insert pieces of garlic. Then I put a little garlic salt and lemon pepper (NO SALT kind) all over it, then I sear it well. Then drop in the crock pot with beef broth, and a little worteshire, and onions quartered. I cook it on high for all day. Sometimes up to 8 or 9 hours. I add the veggies about half way through. It always comes out falling apart.

Also... thanks for your comment on my blog. :) I don't feel like I am dealing with a lot. ;) Just trying to figure out the best solution for my boy. Trying to be a good parent. The school systems are so odd. Some do inclusion classes, which I feel are best for someone like my son, and others do strictly like our district and ONLY do special ed. It is a fine line, and there are many points of view. :) We will figure it out. :)
And as far as the anxiety stuff... I know so much about it now that I feel like I could teach a class. ;)
And I too got hyperthyroidism after my FIRST child was born. I lost a lot of weight as well, and people were telling me it was almost too much for me, but I felt great. But then it switched to hypo, and weight has been a struggle ever since. :/