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Saturday, September 17, 2011

To Much Avail...

While on the phone with my television provider, the operator asked me, "So you would like to avail that card?"  Confused, I asked her to repeat herself.  She said the same thing again.  "I don't understand what that means," I honestly admitted.  She rephrased the sentence in way that I finally understood.  Later in the conversation, she said, "Would you like to avail for that?"  I came up with a few conclusions:
  1. She gets paid a dollar for every time she uses the word "avail."
  2. She is far too educated to be a telephone operator and should be using her smart vocabulary at a more important place of business.
  3. I am an idiot and her phrasing was perfectly acceptable.  I should not have been allowed to graduate college since I was didn't understand.
  4. She just didn't make sense.
What's your diagnosis?  Do I need to go back to eighth grade?  (Confession:  I spelled "eighth" incorrectly while writing this post.  Guess that answers my question.)


emmy said...

I'm guessing that she gets paid for using the word avail. I wouldn't have known what she was asking either, and I have never heard anyone use the word in that context.

imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

I agree with you. I've never heard that word used that way. I just looked it up in my Scrabble Dictionary= V. "To be of use or advantage to" so maybe her usage wasn't that far off--but it was indeed, weird. Could be the word just tickled her tongue and she wanted to use it cause she liked the sound of it.

So don't give up your day job of being mom/wife/homemaker/etc. in order to go back to 8th grade. Maybe you'll never have to speak to her on the phone again...