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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Slave Child

I found this old pic of him
sweeping from 2005.  Classic!
Don't let the title of this post turn you off...it's meant to be funny.  (Sometimes I think I am the only one who laughs at my jokes.)

Son #2 is saving up to buy an iPod Touch.  His brother inherited Hubby's old one when he got an iPhone.  I don't like it when my kids put that much importance on electronic devices.  But if they've saved up their money, I will allow them to spend it however they want (within reason).  That's how they learn the lesson of economics.

We are leaving for our train trip very soon and he really wanted the iPod before then.  I really wanted him to have it before then too because it will keep him occupied for the long journey.  However, he is a bit short on cash.  He asked me if there was a way he could earn the money.  I am all about kids earning their keep.  If he wants to work hard, by George I'm going to let him!

I compiled a list of different chores he could do around the house and how much each chore would earn him.  (I was quite generous on the amounts so I could help him out as much as possible.)  I didn't know if he would do all or any of the chores on the list but he could at least pick.

The first thing he chose was matching socks.  Ugh- everyone in our family hates matching socks.  I think they multiply down there.  Well, first they kill of one of every pair, then they multiply.  So #2 sat in front of the TV with a big basket of socks.  He came up with 32 pair.  Wowzers!  We needed that!

Then he moved on to cleaning out the garage.  While he was in there sweeping and moving, Big Sis commented that he looked like Cinderella, working so hard like he was.  That made me sad but also made me laugh at the same time.  He wasn't complaining though and seemed happy to have a way of earning cash.  Let me just say, my sweet husband of fifteen years has never done as good of a job in the garage as that 10-year old boy did!  It's fabulous!  Someone could almost move into the garage and make it their room....that's how clean it is!

The next day, he moved on to the basement.  Again, he did a stellar job.  He did neglect one area at the back of the basement.  When I questioned him about it, he said his brother promised to clean that part because most of the stuff was his anyway.  So that explains it.  I have one kid who is pretty deficient when it comes to cleaning. 

Those were all the chores I had on the list and he still came up a bit short.  He asked what else he could do.  I let him sweep the dining room.  "Done!" he said.  "What's next?"  My house is getting pretty clean here and I'm not too sure what chore to give him next!  I was a tad behind on laundry so I told him he could fold an extra load if he wanted.  He jumped at the chance.

Who has done this to my child?  Who has taken him and changed him into a working machine?  I feel bad in a way but oh-so-proud that he has proven to be a diligent worker!  It's all the motivation of money. 

So now I worry a little less about who is going to take care of me in my old age.  Little Man is going to be a hard-working multi-millionaire some day!   You go, boy!  Take care of your old, decrepit Mama!

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Cupcake Mama said...

What happened to kids earning money to buy items? This should be the norm!