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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Frustrates Me

This.  I can't stand it when my family members pile up dirty dishes in the sink when there's a perfectly good, empty dishwasher two feet away.  And guess where the dish brush is that I need to use to scrape off these dishes?  Underneath the pile!  So I must unload everything, retrieve the brush, and load everyone's dishes in the dishwasher.  I've tried explaining how much extra work this causes me but they just don't seem to get it.

Spam emails-  I am so sick of spam I can barely stand it!  I receive one spam email every few minutes.  When you're working on the computer all day, it's not so bad.  Every little while, you click over and delete them.  But when you haven't been on for a couple days, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to delete them all.  The sad thing is, a couple family members and I believe we were all sabotaged by a former friend and that's why all this spam exists.  But is it really worth changing your email and trying to let every contact (except the former friend) know your new address?  Deleting the spam is probably easier.


Name Droppers- I know two people who I consider to be name droppers.  You know how there are certain people that you would never call by their first name.  Well, these people do.  "Oh, well I was talking to Luke and he said..." or "Yes, I've known Travis for years."  I would never call either of these men Luke or Travis.  It's too disrespectful considering their positions.  One of the name droppers mentioned something about visiting El Salvador.  I mentioned the name of someone I know from El Salvador.  Of course, she knew her.  But the funny thing was she said, "...and she never married."  With a sly smile, I replied,"Oh yes, she's been married for years!  They have three children together!"  It was quite enjoyable to see her look uncomfortable while uttering an "Oh."


"What's for dinner?"  I know that might not sound like something that would frustrate you.  But when I hear that question nearly a dozen times a day, it starts to wear on me.  My three oldest children tend to ask that question several times a day.  My husband always calls from work to ask.  Lately, even my Baby Girl has started asking, "What for supper?"  I feel like answering, "Something you won't like anyway.  Just eat whatever I make."


As I was wiping down the bathroom countertop today, Son #1 asked, "Why are you cleaning the bathroom?"  With a puzzled look, I said, "Why?  Because it's dirty."  He replied, "But you usually only do that for special occasions."  "Special occasions?!?  Uh, no!  I clean it all the time!" I exclaimed.  "You do?" he asked doubtfully.  That conversation really irritated me.  OK, I confess- I do have different levels of bathroom cleaning depending on the situation.  A regular Tuesday warrants a wipe down of the counter.  Before the weekend, I will clean the sink and toilet and maybe wipe down the floor.  The bathtub doesn't get done as often as it should.  When company is expected, I wipe everything from the ceiling to the floor.  But I definitely do it more often than On Special Occasions.


What frustrates you today???

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Kristy said...

The dinner thing gets me too! My girls want to map out their meals for the day... what are we having for lunch? What about lunch dessert? Um, what? Crazy.

My biggest annoyance right now is rumors! Not even bad ones, just stating their opinions like they are facts, but it spreads around. So annoying!!

Have a good weekend!! :)