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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All I Have to do is Dream

I love studying about the differences between men and women.  They were created distinctly and have so many differences between them.  Yesterday at our dual chiropractor appointments, I tilted my head to the side to hear thirty thousand cracks in my neck.  Hubby mentioned to the doctor that he's jealous I can do that to myself with minimal effort.  The doctor explained that women can crack their necks easier because they have smaller ligaments. 

Men and women have so many other differences - physiological differences, psychological differences, and typically differences in their interests.  I know there are tom boys who like hunting, fishing, car racing, football, and every other thing generally geared toward men.  Although I do enjoy sports, I am not one of those women.

If the phrase Opposites Attract is in fact true, that must be why I ended up with my spouse.  We compliment each other in so many ways.  He's tall, I'm, well, average.  I'm more book smart and he's more street smart.  I get lost going to the west side of the town I was born in; he can find any location on earth with the built-in GPS in his brain.  It works.

One way that we show such extreme differences is in the way we dream.  Hubby is all about action.  My dreams tend to be much less exciting.  When we woke up Saturday,  he said, "Boy, was I having some weird dreams last night!"  I answered, "So did I!"  He began telling me about his dream, which are all basically the same.  There are either police chases involved or severe weather.  If he's not running from (or with) the cops, he's being chased by a tornado.  It's funny...every time.  This last dream involved police sirens (as always) that grew louder and louder.  He thought they were after him so he started running.  At one point, he realized they were for someone else (that he knew) so he flip-flopped sides.  He talked the guy into surrendering and even convinced him to put his hands behind his back.  The police arrested him and my husband was given credit for the arrest.  Crazy.

My dream (the same night) was about tomatoes in my garden.  How dull is that?  I dreamed that I discovered small, red tomatoes deep in the middle of the plants.  No sirens, no tornadoes, no wild animals.  Just tomatoes.  Last night, I dreamed I was ordering breakfast in a restaurant.  Big Sis wanted hot tea and I, for some reason, was eating baked chicken someone gave me.  I know, could I be any more boring?

I guess that only proves the point about the differences in our personalities.  While I'm normally pretty creative and can come up with interesting stories, when I'm unconscious I become as mundane as cold oatmeal.  I guess I use up all my action time in real life and use my sleep time for actual rest and relaxation.  Super Mom by day, tomato grower by night!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Tomatoes sounds like they are very pleasant to dream about.

Kristy said...

The tomatoes/hot tea/baked chicken is hilarious!!
My hubby and I are the same about the other stuff... but I'm the one with freak dreams. He hardly EVER remembers his dreams. Weird!