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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cell Phone Pics

I keep getting error messages that all the space on my cell phone is filled.  So I began the process of deleting old text messages and photos.  It pains me because I like to save everything.  For example, I have one text message from my son that actually uses the word "love."  I will not be deleting that.  He isn't very affectionate so I treasure the few moments that he is.

Some of the pictures on my phone were quite interesting.  About halfway through the big delete, I thought Man, I should have posted some of these on my blog!  So even though several are already trashed, I decided to go ahead with the project.  Here are the kind of pictures I save:

Baby Girl's first Carousel ride at the Fair

Baby Girl's first "roller coaster" ride.  She was so excited to
ride the dragon.  Poor thing screamed her head off!

While walking past the bathroom one day, this is what I saw.

While cleaning out the basement, we discovered
this old police scanner radio.  I sent this pic to
Hubby telling him I found his very first cell phone.

Also while cleaning out the basement, I found these sweat
pants that I hid from Hubby years ago.  Yes, he wore these
on one of our first dates in 1992.  I couldn't bear to actually
throw them away but I don't want to take a chance that he
might wear them again.

Son #1 bragging that he knew his piano lesson so well, he
could do it blindfolded.  (That is a throw blanket on his head.)
Another discovery of the crazy things Baby
Girl does in her spare time.

Potty training at its best.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

They are all so wonderful! I do love reading on the potty the best!

k said...

Those are great!

Paula said...

I can't stand deleting old texts and pictures either. I love to keep all the ones that mean something special.

Love your pictures, especially the one of baby girl on the toliet and son #1 playing the piano! : )

Cory said...

I love your blog. Read every post. I wish I had that much stuff to blog about. Maybe I do, and don't take the time... All I ever use are my cell phone pics right now, cuz I don't have a camera that I think is better. Ha! :) Enjoy the rest of your week.