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Monday, August 1, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I told someone the other day that there is no lack of laughter in my marriage.  I have the funniest husband who keeps me cracking up at all times.  The person responded that laughter is the most important key to a happy marriage.  I told her that we will always have a successful marriage then because all we do is laugh.  Maybe Hubby has a bit of a corny sense of humor but I totally appreciate it.

He does voices.  Not quite Robin Williams status, but close.  He loves to imitate Ben Stiller's different characters, which sets him off quoting movie lines.  There's a guy we know who has a very distinct voice and Hubby does it perfectly.  It always makes me laugh...UNLESS he busts it out when he's kissing me or being romantic.  It instantly gives me the heebie-jeebies and leaves me running away, screaming!

We also have tons of goofy little games we play.  Our newest game started when we were in Las Vegas.  There are lots of very interesting people to be seen in Vegas, to say the least.  When passing a unique couple, we would simply say one word: "him" or "her."  It always amazes me when you see a couple where one of them is significantly better looking than the other.  It makes me wonder why.  In this picture though, it's pretty obvious.  We would chime in with a unanimous "Her!"

I'm so glad I have a life full of laughter.  I would take that any day over a life of wealth or even a life of success.  If I had to choose between a gorgeous hunk with killer abs but no personality, or an overweight unattractive dude who kept me rolling in laughter, it would be an easy decision.  Somehow, the Lord blessed me with both- a gorgeous guy who is the funniest person I know.  When people see us, they certainly shout out, "Him!"  I guess I'm just blessed!

What one thing do you most share with your spouse- laughter, romance, intellect, hobbies, talents, OCD?

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