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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Cheesy Prank

Since several of  you got a kick out of my recent attack by little action figures, I have to share another story that reveals how much of a cornflake I really am.

Big Sis received this little Mexican girl as a souvenir from her Great-Grandma's cruise.  (Yes, Great-Grandma is spunky, but that's another story.)  The doll came to represent an inside joke between Hubby and myself.  This was the first item we began hiding from one another.  The kids were not involved in this prank so the hiding places were better thought out.  At one time, the doll was so well hidden that she was not discovered for over a month. 

One summer evening, I got the great idea to hide her in Hubby's golf bag.  I knew he had a golf day planned and this was a perfect way to get him.  He surely wouldn't discover the stowaway until he was actually at the course.  So I snuck into his car late at night and buried the Mexican girl deep inside the golf bag.  I smiled halfway into the night at the thought of my cleverness.  Well, the golf outing passed and not a word was uttered about the prank.  But part of the game is pretending that you didn't notice the doll before you re-hide it.  So I didn't say anything to Hubby.

On Monday morning, a co-worker of Hubby's approached him.  He held up the doll and asked if Hubby had any knowledge of the Mexican girl.  Hubby laughed and wondered how I got the co-worker involved.  The man went on to explain that, while on the golf course Saturday, this little doll flew out of his golf bag while he attempted to remove a club.  What?!?  Dumb me put the doll into the WRONG GOLF BAG!  I had no idea that Hubby had someone else's bag in his car from the last time they golfed together!  Hubby got the biggest kick out of my attempted cleverness and tremendous failure.

Even though the prank on Hubby was ruined, it ended up being funnier in the long run.  This poor man was the subject of much ridicule at having a little girl's doll tucked inside his manly golf bag.  So now he's in on the joke too.  I can only wonder where she will turn up next.  Maybe after we lose all the action figures...

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Mimsie said...

Great story! Being able to laugh together is the sign of a happy marriage, I think.