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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Driving Me Crazy

Parenting a toddler tests one's sanity like few other experiences in life. Here is my list of how Baby Girl is driving me crazy today.
  • Indecisiveness

  • This child is not capable of making a simple decision. She demonstrates this most often at breakfast time.
    - "Which kind of cereal do you want?" I ask.
    - "Kind," she replies while pointing to a box. So I pour that kind into a bowl and set it on a table.
    - "Poon." Of course she needs a spoon...no problem.
    - "No, not DAT kind."
    - "Great, now you tell me. What kind do you want now?"
    - "Kind," she replies while pointing to another box. Depending on my patience level that particular morning, sometimes I oblige, sometimes not. You see, this child rarely eats. She is in the fifth percentile for her weight. So any time she shows interest in eating, even sugar cereal, we usually jump to meet her demands. But today, I gave her three choices of cereal before she decided not to eat any. Ugh!
  • Refusal to Swallow

  • Over the past week or so, Baby Girl has decided to hold the last bite of every meal in her mouth for an indefinite amount of time. She won't open her mouth or speak while the last bite lingers and she refuses to swallow. It usually results in a disgusting blog being spit in my bathroom sink. But today, she must have had a little tickle in her nose before she was able to spit. So she sneezed the partly digested final bite all over me. Ugh! (You will be thankful that I chose not to post a picture of this particular frustration.)
  • Forceful Urination

  • New to pottying, Baby Girl still doesn't have complete bladder control. Sometimes she pees so forcefully that the urine comes up and over the toilet seat, running down the sides of the bowl and forms a puddle on the floor. This, mixed with the occasional accidents she still has, has me cleaning up urine far too often. Ugh! Thank God for Lysol wipes!
  • Hair Curiosity

  • Baby Girl was not overly blessed in the hair department. Her hair comes just to the base of her neck and barely covers her ears. So she is very interested in her sister's waist-long, beautiful hair. So much so that she has taken to pulling the snot out of it lately. Every once in a while, I hear a scream followed by, "Baby, NO!" I run to find a grinning and happy Baby Girl with two handfuls of a crying Big Sis' hair. She only lets go when I pry her tiny, strong hands open. Ugh!

I think I need a vacation.

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