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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I stumbled upon the blog of a woman who so eloquently retells stories from her childhood. She said that to remember what she ate for dinner the night before would be a challenge. But she easily recalls thoughts, sights, smells, and how things felt from years ago.

I'm the second from the left.
I do not write eloquently but I share her ability to remember things from the past in great detail. Sometimes I wonder if I truly remember these events of if they were created in my imagination and recalled as true history. For example, I honestly think I remember the day my newborn brother came home from the hospital. Since we are only two years and ten days apart, I would have been very young. I can see the bald, tiny baby, dressed in light blue, lying in a cradle. I was playing with a balloon, probably either a gift to my mother or the new big sister. I was very interested in this new baby brother - a playmate for me. I threw the balloon to him in the cradle but he didn't catch it. Floods of people ran to the aid of my baby brother and scolded me for trying to hurt him. I meant no harm; I just wanted to play. That was the day he first got me in trouble and he continues to be an occasional nuisance to this day. Could it really be a memory or did I simply have a vivid imagination as a small child?

I remember the first day of Kindergarten well. I can tell you what I wore, but I'm sure that's only because of pictures. I remember crying, not wanting to part from my mother. My aunt, who was also bringing my Kindergarten cousin, was trying to distract me. She turned on the record player quietly and started dancing. I don't think the dancing calmed my nerves but class started soon after that. At circle time, the teacher noticed that the record player was spinning. She casually asked the class why it was on. A student pointed at me saying, "Her mom turned it on 'cause she was crying." I was mortified and thought I was surely in trouble. The teacher simply smiled at me and went on with the day. I remember other special things she did that year and she ended up being one of my favorite teachers. I tell her that sometimes; I run into her often at our favorite restaurant - Chipotle. Thanks, Mrs. Kraft...you're one of my earliest and best memories!


Theresa said...

I remember things from when I was young too. I remember wanting so badly to go see my mom in the hospital when my brother was born (I was 2 1/2) and I kept trying to get my dad to promise to take me. But he would go when I was napping. I remember my mom waking in with the baby too.

I cried the first day of kindergarten too. And when the bus went to bring me home, it passed my house and I didn't know what to do!!! I was terrified!!! I thought I would never get home.

Theresa said...

Oh and I LOVE Chipotle too!