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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ranch Salsa Dip

This is probably the easiest recipe I will ever post. In spite of its few ingredients, it is absolutely yummy!

Ranch Salsa
16 oz. sour cream
1 oz. ranch dip mix
8 oz. salsa

Mix all ingredients together. Dip will thicken as it refrigerates. Serve with tortilla chips.


I have a funny story about this dip. (It is much more pink in person than it is in the photo.) At a football party, we had a spread of food all over the table. My uncle took a healthy helping of this dip, not knowing what it was. He took a big bite with a spoon and let out a tremendous yelp. "Oh this is awful!" he exclaimed. "Who made this?" We couldn't figure out what was the great cause of drama. But when he explained that he thought it was a strawberry gelatin dessert, we fully understood. We now refer to the recipe as "Uncle Dip" in his honor.


imagesisee said...

I love almost anything made with sour cream and Ranch dip. Very funny story about your Uncle.

Thanks for your comment on my Julie/Julia blog. It's nice to know that someone is occasionally reading what I post. Otherwise, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

~she~ said...

Thanks for your comments too! I enjoy your beautiful blog! You are quite an artist!

Chris D said...

Found your blog through a google image search. Looks good, I will have to try this!