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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing Up

Baby Girl has learned how to put her hands in her pockets. I think it's adorable to watch her walk around the house like this.

She has become quite independent lately...probably ever since potty training. If I try to help her do anything, her response is, "I DO IT!" From putting on her coat to pulling up her pants, she wants no help at all. She will spin in a circle trying to put her second arm in her coat. She looks like a cartoon dog chasing his tail. Yesterday, she spun for so long that she got dizzy and fell into the corner of the wall. That wasn't fun.

When she woke up today, she was very grouchy. I tried various techniques to make a grumpy baby smile to no avail. Finally, she looked at me and sternly said, "SUT UP!" My mouth dropped open at the surprise of such harsh words from my sweet, tiny girl. She's joined the others now...she's no longer a sweet baby. She's a grown kid.

But she has definitely learned her manners. It's so sweet to hear her say, "Dank You," when you hand her a napkin. She delicately wipes her face then continues on making a mess with her applesauce.

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