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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time for a Rhyme?

The snow is falling,
It's coming down fast,
We might just stay in
'Til this snowstorm is past.

Drinking hot cocoa,
and coffee and tea,
Let's snuggle in blankets
And just watch TV.


I have a sty in my eye,
It's swollen and red,
It's painful and itchy,
I should be in bed.


I need to clean this house
But I'm a lazy louse.
The laundry's piled high
I need to wash and dry.
The dishes in the sink
Are beginning to stink.
I should be getting paid 
'Cause I feel like I'm a maid.


During the winter there's not much to do
It's yucky and cold and folks say "a-choo!"
Spending time reading rhymes by Mother Goose
Keeps me talking like this.  No, I'm not Dr. Seuss.

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