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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady is someone I will never be. I have never been an animal lover and we've never really had pets. We've tried fish a couple times but I'm just not capable of caring for them. But today I found out that we apparently have a pet cat.

Just a few minutes ago, two nurses from a nursing home behind our house knocked on my door. They said that they've heard a cat cry coming from my shed for a couple days. They thought a cat was stuck in there. We have a deep back yard with a shed at the back of the property. There's no way I could hear a cat in there. Although I did see one climbing UP the outside wall of the shed recently. It was four feet high before it fell off. I thought that was awfully strange.

So anyway, the women asked if they could rescue the cat. "Sure!" I said. I was glad they didn't ask me to do it. I watched as they walked all the way back to the shed. They opened the door and waited. One woman entered for a moment, then returned and waited. She walked to the side of the shed and knocked. A black cat came tearing out and fled to the neighbor's yard. The women followed the cat but I couldn't see past the trees. Moments later, I saw the cat returning home. Looks like we have an unwanted pet. I just hope there aren't any babies in there. And I can only imagine what it will smell like in there.

Two weeks ago, Big Sis stepped in cat pee with her snow boots. I've tried everything and cannot get the smell off her boots. Why do animals always pick those who don't love them to cling to? My aunt's dog loves to lick my feet and jump up on my lap. I've told her that I don't love her but she doesn't seem to care. The dog's love for me is unconditional.

I would love to find a way to repel animals without harming them. We have groundhogs, squirrels, skunks, and of course cats that have all been a nuisance. The rabbits and occasional deer have never been a problem.

So if anyone wants a free cat, I know of a nice black one. It's available to any good, actually to any home. :)
HAPPY 1.1.11!

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