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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Made Me Laugh

My little brother, the engineer, recently purchased a new Range Rover and he's extremely proud of it.  The only problem is his 5'1" pregnant wife has a difficult time climbing up into the huge vehicle.  So he took it to a shop to get running boards installed.  He showed up alone to drop his car off and asked about a rental.  The shop owner looked confused that my brother didn't have a ride home but politely offered him the only rental vehicle they had.  It was this...a beat up truck from the early 80s with 350,000 miles on it.  I had to laugh when I saw heard him pull up my driveway to pick up my son for Saturday errands.  Normally so stylish, he actually wasn't too bothered to be parading around town in this.  I got a kick out of it though.


Mimsie said...

Is this the same little brother who didn't catch the blue balloon when he was in the cradle?

~she~ said...

Yes it is...the one and only!