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Friday, January 7, 2011

Trust - Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about trust. That subject stayed on my mind. I realized other areas of my life that are affected by distrust. It is why I keep my blog so vague. I don't use my actual name. I've never disclosed where I live; I just claim residence in the Midwest. At first, I didn't show pictures of my children. I still don't use their names. I try not to give any identifying information anywhere on here. Am I paranoid?

When I see people reveal personal information on their blog, I cringe. I even saw someone once who stated their full name, home address, and pictures of all family members on their home page. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm too cautious. But my mind envisions a crazy stalker (he looks a little like Steve Buscemi in my mind) who uses personal blogs to seek out his victims.

Oh, here is a blog written by a woman with three cute, little kids. They would make a great target! They only live one state over...not too far but not too close to home either. The kids walk home from Springfield Elementary every day. I know what they look like and have viewed the school's web page. Oh, mom has an appointment to get her hair cut this Friday. I can make sure she runs late getting home...I can let a little air out of her tires at the salon. She so kindly left her home address here for all to see. I've already Googled it and saw an actual picture of the house. This is just too easy...I'm ready to strike! Maybe next time I'll pick someone who is a bit more of a challenge...

Maybe I'm just overly dramatic. But I can totally see something similar to this happening. Or maybe it's just that I was destined to become a mystery novelist. I don't know but I try to do what I can to protect my family and myself.

Stalkers, move on. This ain't a blog for you!

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