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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Has Me Confused

My new neighbor is someone I just can't quite figure out.  She and her husband moved into the neighborhood about a year ago.  He was a upper-management businessman recovering from a horrific injury.  He was in a coma for 3 months after having the living daylights beat out of him.  Hearing their story, we were quick to go over and welcome them to the neighborhood.  I took cookies and a plant.  The wife was cooking dinner at the time so was obviously somewhat domesticated.  I described her as a 50-something feminist who probably went to Berkeley.  She was wearing a sweater and khakis and resembled Annette Benning. 

Time passed and I didn't see her for a while.  Her son was home from college for the summer and must have brought his girlfriend home with him.  I saw the two of them in the driveway several times.  Then one day, it hit me...the girlfriend is actually the mother!  She abandoned her classy college professor look for Alicia Keys' weave.  And she didn't look a day over 22 in her spandex workout clothes.  OK, whatever. 

This weekend, I saw an unusual looking black woman with Mr. Neighbor.  She actually resembled Prince or a man in drag.  Unfortunate.  But you probably guessed it...it was again my same neighbor.  I just don't understand how a woman can progress from Annette Benning to Prince over the course of a year.  And to appear to change races and gender?  I'm stumped on this one.

Have you ever known someone to drastically change their look, leaving you scratching your head?


k said...

Oh my LORD. This is so perplexing and something, without a doubt, that would keep me awake at night such is the energy that I devote to figuring out my neighbors.

~she~ said...

The remainder of my neighbors are mostly relatives so I don't have too many weirdos to figure out. Well, there's the 80-year-old guy who never wears a shirt and sits in a lawn chair all day yelling at his six dogs. He's a head scratcher too.

Theresa said...

LOL! What a neighborhood! I can not understand how she could change races...wow and from classy to odd...hmmm...is she a Hollywood actress hiding out? Maybe it is Annette Benning and she was playing an aging Bo Derek in the sequel to "10" over the summer and now she is playing Apollonia or Prince in Purple Rain II . Maybe since Prince is a symbol rather than a man or whatever, he can't play himself anymore. I am thinking that his symbol-dom transcends gender and that is why Annette Benning can play him. I think you should call Star or Hollywood Insider!!

Also, I don't think the husband fell and hurt his head at all...I think he's just confused as to who his wife is..or maybe he fell when Glenn Close boiled his kid's rabbit.

Mimsie said...

Maybe it's time for you to take over some more cookies and another plant, and size up the situation close at hand!

~she~ said...

Oh Theresa, you really had me laughing on this one! You get an A+ for today's comment!

Mimsie, I think you might be right!

One more story...I didn't tell you guys about the time I was running a block or two away and saw the two of them making out on the sidewalk! It was totally gross!

Kimberly said...

That is so totally bizarre! I just read this David Baldacci book where the master of disguises was actually a killer. Isn't that a cheerful thought? :) But I'm sure that's NOT your situation at all! I mean, lock your doors and all . . . jk.