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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have this crystal angel plaque that my mother-in-law bought me.  It says "Happy Birthday" with some little saying about an angel.  I really dislike it and it doesn't match my taste at all.  I have high hopes that one of the kids will knock it down and break it while she's here one day.  Is that horrible of me?  Hey, at least I have it displayed in my home!  And I haven't actually put any of the kids up to this task.  (Yet.)


Confession:  I wrote the first part of this post about a week ago.  I could only think of one confession at the time.  I figured that if I saved a draft, I would quickly come up with several more confessions to add.  Just a couple days after writing it, Son #2 and Big Sis were playing in the room where the angel plaque was displayed.  According to Her Story, he was jumping on the couch.  When he jumped off and landed on the floor, the shelf shook and a picture frame fell.  There was broken glass everywhere.  The craziest part of the story is that the picture frame that broke sits just a couple inches from the angel plaque!  On the very same shelf!  (You can see the edge of it in the photo.)    I guess that's what I get for hoping the angel would fall.  A picture fell instead.

Another Confession:  I moved the angel to the very place the picture frame was sitting.  In case it might be an unlucky spot, I'm taking my chances.  Alright, go ahead and let me have it!!!


Cupcake Mama said...

No offense, that plaque is not cute and you are WAY nicer than me as that would be in a closet with the wrapping paper still on.

Michelle said...

That is hysterical. I have so many things from certain relatives that never see the light of day. (Confession, I even regifted some vases we got for our wedding to these relatives.)

Cory said...

That looks like it came from the same .99Cent store where MY MIL got TWO REAL CRYSTAL bears, with a REAL plastic birth stone for each of my kids. She doesn't give me gifts anymore, thanfully. She got wise to me regifting and having her items sent immediately to thrift stores. :)

emmy said...

My SIL gave us the most gosh awful ugly glassware set for our wedding present. I used to give them to the kids to take drinks outside with. Not one of them ever got broken or left on the playground. When I was going through divorce, I took them to where my ex used to park and smashed them on the concrete along with a dozen or so other things that I hated, but was obligated to appreciate. It was a childish thing to do but oh boy did it make me feel better.

~she~ said...

Thank you all for chiming in! Your responses made me laugh!