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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's For Dinner?

These all-too-awesome grilled chicken sandwiches are what's for dinner tonight!  They're so easy to make and are perfect for summer suppers.  They don't really have a name so I guess we'll call them

Fancy Chicken Sandwiches
  • Marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in Italian dressing for as long as time allows.
  • Grill each chicken breast until no longer pink in the middle.  Enjoy the marvelous smell from the grill that makes your tummy rumble.
  • Top each piece of chicken with 1-2 slices of crispy bacon.  Cover with a piece of Colby or CoJack cheese.  Allow to melt.
  • Serve on a Kaiser roll. 
  • Dress it with mayo, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato, or whatever else you like.


k said...

Those look DELIGHTFUL!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks awesome! I love all the cheese!