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Friday, August 12, 2011

Silly Baby

Baby Girl has been on a roll lately with humorous phrases and sayings.  She has been calling everyone Mr. Potter, which is the name of the old man across the street.  When she wakes up in the morning, she looks at me and says, "Hello, Mr. Potter!"  If someone is standing up at a restaurant, she says, "Sit down, Mr. Potter!"  It comes across really funny.

In the car this past Saturday, Son #2 had one of Baby Girl's toys.  She can't just calmly ask for anything.  Instead, she said, "Give it to me right now!  1, 2, 3...that's it!  You're getting a pankin, bad girl!"  We laughed and laughed so hard that Hubby had a hard time keeping the car on the road!

Everything right now is "poo-poo" with Baby Girl.  She finds that word extremely hilarious.  She calls people poo-poo, she talks about poo-poo and she sings about poo-poo.  For example:  Row, row, row your boat, gently down the poo-poo!

While chatting with her dad on the phone, I heard him ask, "Where's your mom?"  Her reply was "At the hopspital."  Quite an imagination...

She is also into hiding from Monters right now.  I think her brothers started her on that one.  They learned that she'll snuggle up next to them under a blanket if they make a game out of it.  Cheap trick to try to get a hug, if you ask me.  (Yes, I've done it too.)

She is also really into Cheese Touch right now.  If you have any children who have read the Wimpy Kid books, you'll know what I'm talking about.  If she's not giving you the Cheese Touch, she's karate chopping you with the sound effect "ka KA!"  (Also thanks to The Brothers.)

I just adore her personality and the fact that she makes me laugh every day.  All my kids have different strengths...she's tied for first with Son #1 for sense of humor.  He kept us rolling on the floor as a toddler too.  I love a home full of laughter!

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k said...

I love that she counted down her brother. And it seems she has good follow-through. Heh.

Ezra is into telling everyone, "You're a noddle!" or calling them "Mr. Pasta."

Toddlers are ridiculous.