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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vent Again

I felt it was time again for another Vent post.  How this works- let out all your frustrations right here on She Says!  The good news is that you can do it anonymously.  Even I don't know who says what.  Before you submit your Vent, click down on the comment menu and select Anonymous.  Hopefully you'll feel better afterward!  The only rule is to keep your language clean.  Thanks!

I'll start-
Sometimes I get so irritated saying the same things over and over to my kids.  I promise, I have asked them to put their dishes in the dishwasher no less than 65 times.  In the past month, they are averaging 1% (if I'm being generous) of successfully putting their dishes into the dishwasher when they're finished eating.  It's not hard.  They are 12, 10, and 7.  They can definitely handle it.  Actually, the 2-year old puts her dirty dishes in the dishwasher more often than her older siblings do!  It's plain ridiculous!

Also, I have discovered their lack of teeth brushing this summer.  During the school year, they are on a schedule where teeth brushing is part of the routine.  Since school let out, I think I've had to tell them almost every time to brush their teeth.  They will not do it without being told.  Imagine, middle schoolers not brushing their teeth?  Again, plain ridiculous!  I wonder how long they would actually go if I didn't say anything?  I make the boys get up out of bed all the time to brush their teeth.  You think they'd eventually catch on.  Hubby made Son #2 get out of the car Sunday morning because he didn't brush his teeth before church.  Everyone had to wait while he went back in to finish the chore.  And it's so obvious when they don't.  #2 especially has a serious halitosis problem.  When he doesn't brush, everyone on the block knows.  How long is a mother expected to tell her tweens to brush their teeth!  Again, their baby sister does it all the time without being told!  I'm sick of it!

Ahhh, thanks!  No, my problem isn't solved but I feel better getting to pawn some of it off on you!  Now it's your turn.  Let me have it!!!


Jen said...

{{sigh}} I'm right there with you...except it's not MY girls at home, but my students. Guess that's just teenagers for ya. ;) I will eventually get either numb to it or I'll explode. I'm hoping for numbness.

Anonymous said...

I've had my feelings hurt recently and can't share it with my family. We have a new baby in the family that I never get to hold. I guess I am not important enough. My sister in law has the baby at all times and even hides her face from me when I try to come see her. I am not a retard. I know how to hold a baby. They are all totally nice to me until it comes to things about this baby. I must just be the black sheep. Last time I asked to hold her, I was told no because it wasn't my turn. When will it be my turn? When she graduates college?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your family doesn't want you to hold the baby cuz you use the word "RETARD"!!!!!! Cuz let me tell you, even THEY know how to hold a baby! Grow some vocabulary that has kinder words!

Anonymous said...

Some days I don't want to be around my kid. She whines ALL the time with me and throws huge fits. She isn't even two yet! She doesn't act like this when I am not around. She is a totally different kid when it's just my husband. It's a mixture of jealousy, anger, and sadness. Then I feel guilty for even thinking I need a break. I know I'm not alone, but that doesn't make it easier.