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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Got Nike

Thank you to all my loyal supporters out there!  I got the Nike + for my iPod over the weekend!  I didn't even have to do much begging and whining!  :)  The family was shopping at Target for a birthday gift and a few other school supplies when we passed the electronics department.  My husband and sons are always drawn in to that area at any store.  I think the computers and video equipment send out magnetic rays that pull in all men. 

The little orange Nike box was hanging from the shelf right by where the boys were standing, looking at iPods.  "I want that," I simply said to Hubby.  "What is it?" he asked.  I gave him a brief description of what it would do for my running program.  I hadn't even whipped out my petition yet when he picked it up and tossed it into the cart.  Guilt was beginning to creep up because of The Plan I had so secretly hashed.  So I said that he didn't need to buy it for me...I still had birthday money left.  He insisted.

Back at the car, I tossed him a twenty, which covered roughly two-thirds of the cost.  He said he'd take the money but would add it to my new camera fund.  So it was definitely a win/win weekend for me!

I was able to get out once so far with my new gadget.  It worked perfectly, even though I still have a few things to adjust.  I only got in two miles before the feeling of dying set in.  My running buddy is out of town and I really need her to come back.  I need her odd way of encouraging me....she calls me things like Fatty McButter Pants.  I'm getting sentimental just thinking about the degrading slander that motivates me so. 

So, thanks again for your support.  Hopefully I'll be running miles and miles soon.  If not, I have nothing else to blame it on. 

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