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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Need Nike

I want this.  It's a dandy little chip that attaches to your shoe.  Somehow, it links to the iPod Nano I already have and calculates the distance I run.  No, I don't want this.  I need this. 

It seems like I spend all my running time trying to figure out how far I've run.  One of the trails I frequent has markers every quarter mile.  That's fabulous.  But I've outgrown that trail.  My running buddy suggested a new trail that's perfect for the distance we're running right now.  She already has Nike Plus for her iPhone PLUS the special shoes that hold the dandy little chip.  When we run together, she shouts out the distances.  At the end, she says how far we ran, how long it took, how many minutes per mile we ran, and how many calories we burned.  But when we're not together, I fret.  I wonder how much farther I have to go to meet my goal.

Last night, I convinced Hubby to come out running with me for the first time since the last marathon.  He is so much faster than me but I should have way more endurance built up.  The first mile or so down the trail (I can't be sure, I don't have Nike+ yet), I kept up with the 6'2" sprinter.  That wore me out so quickly!  About the last quarter mile, I gave up and slowed down to a more comfortable pace.  I was so thrilled that he made it two miles for his first run!  (I tracked it on mapquest when we got home.)  So that makes about 8 1/2 miles for me in a week.  Not bad, eh?

Would you like to sign the petition that says I need Nike Plus for my running needs?


WhitJay said...

If you have an iPhone you can download the app Nike+ GPS. It's free, and you don't have to buy the chip for your shoe because it uses the GPS in the phone to track your distance instead. I couldn't go back to running without it!

In addition to tracking you distance and pace, you also have the option to post to facebook when you leave for a run. Then if anyone comments on your post or "likes" your post you hear applause in your headphones while running. It's so cool!

Then there's the Nike+ website. You can see graphs and charts that track your progress, and for me that is a really good motivator.

Theresa said...

Hmmm...that is a great idea! My husband just started running every morning this spring. He really loves it!

The Carters said...

I have the Nike chip and really enjoy it. I also use another app - Runkeeper on my Iphone, but that uses GPS to figure your distance. So in the winter when I'm at the gym running laps, the Runkeeper doesn't work - but the Nike chip does!!
I would definitely get it. I think it's only $20. Not a bad deal. Plus you can upload your info to the Nike website and keep track of your runs.

Good luck! Hope you get it!!

chris said...

in the words of the Nike ads, Just Do It!