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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Typing that title automatically sent me singing the Beatles tune by the same name. Trying to find time to blog this time of year is so difficult. Yesterday was a day packed full of so much stuff. Fortunately, I started out with a clean house due to the Christmas party I hosted for my church teen group.

So I set out to finish my Christmas shopping. I ordered the majority of my gifts online this year but refused to internet buy for Hubby. He would see the receipts. So I decided to wander around Target for an hour and half with no clue what to buy. Baby Girl always insists that I drive her around in that huge semi-truck of a shopping cart. I hate it. I'm neither a good driver of a car nor a shopping cart. But this one is just plain ridiculous. I crash into things all over the store. And then five minutes into the trip, Baby Girl refuses to sit. (This pic is not her...it's the only one I could find of the Monster Cart.) During yesterday's trip, she figured out how to hide in clothing racks. I was stressed to the max and unfortunately lost my temper. I grabbed her out of the middle of a rack and forcefully put her back into the cart, all while raising my voice. This is something I never do in public. And lo and behold, there was a woman standing 5 feet from me who witnessed the whole thing. I was sure she would call security on me and my screaming toddler. She must be a mom who sympathized with me because she didn't utter a word.

So with the shopping officially done, I headed home to find a stack of four UPS boxes on my porch for the third day in a row. (God bless delivery drivers this season!) I geared up for hours of gift wrapping. I became emotional wrapping my Grandmother's Christmas present. I came to the realization that this was likely the last Christmas gift I may ever wrap for her. The dementia is overtaking her life. The evening before, she complained about my husband and kids who came to visit, referring to them as a man she'd never before laid eyes on who had a slew of kids. She said she'd be shocked if there was anything left in the basement after their visit. Surely they were filling their pockets. This broke my heart. When she was later told that the man was my husband, she didn't understand how I could have a husband...I'm only a child. It's heart wrenching.

After the children were tucked into bed, I discovered I was missing my wedding ring. I only wear one piece of jewelry and have not lost it in 14 years. I tore apart my bedroom, thinking I had removed it five minutes earlier to put lotion on my hands. Hubby tore apart the house. Finally, when I was in tears, he suggested that maybe I left it in Baby Girl's room an hour earlier when I lathered her with lotion after her bath. Not caring that she was sleeping, I barged into her room and began searching in the dark. Viola! Hubby continues to be my hero!

Then at 3:00 AM, Son #2 woke up sick. He is a champ. He never complains or whines when he's sick. He gets the job done and goes on with life. But he was bummed about missing the Christmas party at school and spoiling his year and a half of perfect attendance. Poor guy.

But here is the after pic of the day:

I consider it a success, in spite of the difficulties. I'm anxious to get caught up so I can enjoy Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. (I don't think I coined that phrase. It may be borrowed. Pardon the plagiarism.)


Theresa said...

Jason'a grandmother had dementia and it was horrible. I still get that heartsick feeling just thinking about it.

I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas and a fabulous 2011~

Kimberly said...

I was just getting caught up on some of your latest posts. It sounds like despite some opposition your Christmas plans are coming along well! I'm looking forward to reading that first book you recommended -- it sounds great. :)