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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Have Bad News

Ya'll are gonna kill me but I'm giving up on this diet thing.  I know, I know.  That's what everyone does after a couple weeks on a diet.  But I have some very convincing reasons why:

1.  It's hard.  I was working my tail off, only eating enough to keep a bird alive.  I still wasn't receiving good results.  I'm not willing to work that hard to lose a couple pounds.
2.  I am a bit overwhelmed with life right now.  I know dieting doesn't take a whole lot of time, but it's adding to my stress load.  I have to let go of something and this is what I've chosen to drop.
3.  The Holidays.  Hello!  Thanksgiving is a mere couple weeks away and Christmas is right after that.  I've already pretty much missed out on Halloween because I barely touched the Halloween candy.  I am not willing to be miserable through the holidays.
4.  I would rather work hard on the elliptical to stay at my current weight than to suffer through all this bad eating.  Sweets, chips, and descent-sized portions are way too important to me.

So, shun me if you want.  Leave rude comments telling me you're disappointed in me.  I can handle it.  In fact, I deserve it.  I'm not proud but at least my belly is full right now. 

I still would like to hear your results!  Don't do as I do.  Do not follow my bad influence.  Keep up the good work!  Every one of you was doing so much better than I was!


Linda said...

A strict eating regime is very difficult and over the years I've discovered that there's something that has to go on in your brain before you can really be dedicated to a lose-weight-eating-plan. I liken it to a switch flipping on.

I don't know how many times in my life I've started and stopped or gotten discouraged after a short while, only to give up completely.

I think your plan to enjoy the holidays while trying to at least maintain your current weight is a really good idea and definitely a big effort on its own considering that food is the main theme for the next two months.

In light of that, I hope we can still report in every Sat, including you, to see that we've lost or maintained our weight throughout the holdidays.

So, for me:
Starting at 125
today at 119

4 wks down, 8 to go
7 lbs down, 18 to go

Theresa said...

Yay! good for you! Embrace the skin you are in and enjoy the holidays!

Kimberly said...

Took a blogging break, just wanted to say hello! :)

Courtney said...

LOL. I was feeling so bad that when you started this, I didn't ... even though I wanted to drop a few. And then TODAY I decided to give it a go and ate good portions of healthy stuff. Now I find the day I start, you stop! LOL.

I'm not doing a really strict thing, but I do need to clean up my act, I think.

Enjoy the holidays!

emmy said...

Well I am disappointed, but not with you. You have to be ready for it for dieting to work and your just aren't there right now. Don't kick yourself. Also, I was going to report that I was going to need to drop out too. Dr. B has put a hold on my dieting for a few weeks. She thinks my body needs to take a break for a while and work back into it in a few weeks. So I'm going to miss the support of everyone here, but I totally understand where you are at.

Cory said...

What a riot! :) Ok... start again in a few weeks. :) I am still hovering at my 12 lb loss... and I am ok with that. I haven't been to the gym since last Wednesday. Thursday my girl had a field trip, and Friday my boy was out, and my girl got out early. Over the weekend everything went to poo, and my chicks have been sick so far this week. :) Good times.