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Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Change

How do you feel about the time change we must endure every six months?  I hate it.  Well, at least the "falling back" part.

Several good minutes of daylight are wasted while I'm still asleep.  It will be dark tonight by 6:00.  Hubby says he doesn't get to see his house in the daylight all winter long.  The darkness sends me into a minor depression of sorts.

Even though it's only an hour, it takes my body so long to adapt to the change.  Baby Girl woke up an hour early this morning and I didn't get my sweet, ten-minute break this morning between when the boys leave and when I must wake up Big Sis.

But because she was up, Baby Girl was the one assigned to waking up her sister.  It was really sweet to see her climb into her sister's bed, lovingly stroke her face, and push back her hair!  Then she gently uncovered her and told her to wake up.  It was precious!

I'd rather just stay on Daylight Savings Time all year round.  Anyone with me?


Mimsie said...

I find it harder to adjust to the "spring forward" part of Daylight Saving.

~she~ said...

Mimsie's back! Yay!!!

Linda said...

I like the daylight savings time better too, but I don't mind when we change back. It's kind of relaxing.

In the summer, with all the light, I feel like I should always be doing something, but when it starts to get darker earlier, I feel like I have permission to slow down.

I just don't like the winter that goes along with the change back to EST.