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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Phone Calls from Work

I mentioned to Hubby the other day how weird it would be if there were no such things as cell phones.  He works a long day, you've all heard me complain about it before.  He drives a big FedEx truck and his route is an hour away from the terminal.  He logs a lot of hours and drives a lot of miles.  The good thing about that is we get to talk a lot during the day.  When he's driving from town to town out there in the boonies, he usually calls me.  If I'm not busy, we get to chat for ten minutes at a time.

When he first began working for FedEx, which wasn't even FedEx at the time, there were no such things as cell phones.  Well, there were, but they came in a bag and had to plug into your car.  I think the phone calls were something like a bazillion dollars a minute and we were poor.  So he had a pager.  Yeah, he was that cool.  We came up with codes, as all of you 80s children like me did.  111 meant "Call me."  123 meant "I love you."  Of course, there was the universal 911 that meant "Drop whatever you're doing and rush to a pay phone!"  I'm not sure if I ever actually used that code.

Now that he's so far away during the day, those pay phone calls would have cost us a fortune.  Have you ever called long distance from a pay phone?  Probably not.  Do you even remember what long distance is?  We're so spoiled, aren't we?

Since we talk often, the conversations can become a little mundane.  Here's one from yesterday:

Hubby:  What's for dinner?
Me:  Roast beef.
Hubby:  (groan)
Me:  Why do you say that?
Hubby:  What is roast beef?
Me:  You like that.
Hubby:  I used to, but the last time you made it, it was ewww.
Me:  (offended) What?!  No it wasn't!
Hubby:  Oh, you mean roast beef with potatoes and carrots and stuff?
Me:  Yeah!
Hubby:  Oh, yeah, I like that.
Me:  Then what were you talking about that was gross?
Hubby:  I think that was meatloaf.
Me:  I've never made meatloaf in my entire life.
Hubby:  No, it wasn't yours.  It was from KFC.
Me:  Ewww, that does sound gross!
Hubby:  OK, I'll talk to ya later then.
Me:  OK, bye.

See...that's what I'd be missing out on if we were still in the pre-cell phone days.

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Theresa said...

Ha! I think about cell phones a lot too! Jason is an arborist, so he is out in the field a lot. Back when we were first married and buying our first house, there was no such thing as cell phones (well there was but they were not that common yet). I had to handle everything without even being able to call him and talk because he was unavailable out in the field. I had no way to reach him. Now woth cell phones, I can call and if he's busy he can call back later or we if he isn't busy I can ask him something then.