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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smelling Manly

Funny story- due to my new shopping habits, I am getting low on a few of our staple items.  I have been waiting for good sales to come so I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel on some things.  I am really picky about the kind of body lotion I use.  I don't like anything heavily floral scented but I don't like lotions that don't smell at all.  I have purchased so many different kinds of creams from Bath & Body Works, only to hate them once I begin using them.  I have a whole basket of mostly full lotion bottles.

One evening after my shower, I realized I was completely and totally out of my favorite B&BW lotion.  I mean, nothing even left in the lid.  So I opted for a backup bottle.  Hubby started gagging and told me I was never allowed to use that kind again.  Our bedroom smelled like cheap, old lady perfume.  I wanted to take another shower. 

The next day, I ran completely out of deodorant.  The plastic base was poking out and there was no product left around it.  I kept trying to get all I could out of the corners of the stick. 

My next shower, I still had not found any extra lotion or deodorant.  I was living in times of desperation.  To the bathroom vanity I went.  I pulled out Hubby's deodorant and gave it a sniff.  Hmmm...not bad.  I can use that, I thought.  One swipe across my delicate armpit and I was totally grossed out!  It goes on wet!  Ugh!  Now I had one wet, sticky armpit.  I had to balance the feeling out and smear the goopy stuff on the other side.  I walked around with my elbows sticking out, trying to get the deodorant to dry.  (It never did.)

Then I sat on the side of my bed and reached for my body lotion.  Ugh!  I am not using the nasty stuff from last time!  I again raided Hubby's stash.  He keeps a large bottle of manly-scented lotion on his dresser.  I smeared it all over, thankful that it was less potent than the flower garden stuff.  I was walking around my house smelling just like my husband.  It made me feel close to him but not in the way I wanted.

It's been a few days now and I'm still on the sticky deodorant and masculine lotion.  (Although, I did figure out that a sprinkle of baby powder after applying the deodorant works wonders!)  Fortunately, I'm getting a good deal on deodorant at CVS today so hopefully I won't attract any ladies with my manly smell.

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