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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things Irritating Me Right Now

To keep up the spirit of grouchiness and stressfulness started in yesterday's post, I decided to tell you all the things that are irritating me right now.  I may have to edit it down a bit...I'm pretty crabby today!
  • The health insurance representative that called me at 7:14 AM this morning.  Kinda early, don't ya think?  She preceded to tell me in a snooty voice that she left me a message on Friday.  With the same attitude in check, I let her know that I heard her message and left one in response, also on Friday.  So, whatcha gonna do 'bout it now?  (No, I didn't say that last part.)
  • We have 4 light bulbs burned out in a 15' radius.  Both lights in the upstairs hallway, the closet light in the hallway, and Baby Girl's bedroom light at the end of the same hallway are all done for.  It made for a very dark evening upstairs last night.  But when I have a husband who is nine inches taller than I am, why should I do projects that are up that high???
  • The kids destroyed the basement again.
  • I couldn't sleep last night as I was sure I could hear a mouse running around, gnawing on something.  I got up this morning and moved all the furniture around.  There were no droppings to be found so hopefully that means I have no mouse.  I'm paranoid.
  • UTI
  • I dropped my phone and now the hinge is not opening properly.  Just in case you were wondering, it takes 329 times of dropping your phone before it's totally destroyed.  I'm on 328.  (And you wonder why I don't have an iPhone.  That's why.)
  • Cold weather
  • The fits that Baby Girl has suddenly started throwing again.  And I thought we were done with the Terrible Twos!
BUT- it's supposed to be a beautiful Fall day today so that helps me feel better.  I hope you all have a great day today!  Chase away the Crabbies!

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