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Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Monday

Another Monday- the last Monday before Christmas!  Just thinking that blows my mind!  The weekend was so busy but I'm so thankful I survived it still healthy!

Saturday, Son #1 was part of Tuba Christmas with several hundred other tubas and other low brass instruments.  He had a blast this year since he actually knows how to play the tuba!  Last year, he was the second youngest and had little clue what he was doing.  He sat near the edge of the stage with his Tuba Christmas stocking cap on, looking so small and handsome.  Our youth pastor (my first cousin) took him.  I love this tradition between them! 

Unfortunately, I missed the performance and had to rely on video and text messages.  I was at a luncheon where my Secret Angel from the past year was revealed.  It's a program my grandmother started many years ago.  She is the one who is currently afflicted with Alzheimer's.  My mom brought her this year and the current leader honored her.  We realize this may be her last Christmas so we're trying to make a lot of memories.  All the ladies at the luncheon posed for a personal picture with her.  It was so precious and many of them began tearing up.  Gram did great and smiled nicely in the photos.  A few times, we had to call her name to get her attention.  But everyone was so very patient with her.  As the Bishop's wife, she is loved and admired by all. 

After that, I went to the last choir practice before our Christmas concert.  (The concert was last night and went so well!  I was very proud to be a part.)  After choir practice, I sped to my dad's side of the family's Christmas.  We rented a community room at my cousin's apartment building since there are so many of us now.  It was actually quite nice.  I gorged on some awesome food and took home more baked goods than I came with.   (That's the way to do it!)

I'm having computer issues again.  Son #1 stumbled upon his first pornographic advertisement.  It made me want to throw up.  We were playing a game with Baby Girl and we were both laughing hysterically.  The game mentioned an object that we didn't recognize so I told #1 to Google it.  He apparently spelled Google wrong and the ad filled the screen.  I shouted at him to get away and I guess I startled him.  He quickly closed out the ad and, thankfully, more ads did not pop up.  I felt bad that he had to see something like that and it really seemed to affect him.  I immediately texted my brother (my personal IT guy) and he called me back within seconds.  Remotely, he set up stricter parental controls within a few minutes.  Those settings are so high that I cannot even check my email.  When I try to read blogs, I have to enter in the password to override the blocks about three times per page.  It's getting quite annoying but he hasn't had time to adjust it  yet.  Therefore, I'm very behind on my blog reading, which I don't like.  I feel a great need to stay caught up...it's funny.

My clean house didn't survive the busy weekend but all of my Christmas shopping is done!  Now it's time to start rapping as I wrap.  (No one seems to appreciate that joke...maybe it's because I try to beat box while telling it.  And let me tell you, I am WAY too white to beat box.)  So, I have a lot to get done.  I just wanted to post a quick update, despite how boring it may be.  If I don't find time to get back on this week, have a wonderful Christmas!  Enjoy your family if you have one; enjoy your time off if you're lucky enough to have it.  Relax, and let the peace of the season be with you.  Hopefully you know the true meaning of Christmas.  I'm thankfully blessed!

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