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Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Mish-Mosh

I don't have any deep, humorous, or witty thoughts to share with you today.  I kind of feel like my brain has been dipped into pancake mixture and is all muddled and gooey.  I just hope no one puts me into the fryer.

  • Sick Kids.  You want 'em...we've got 'em!  Baby Girl led off with a hacking cough that just won't clear up.  Son #1 was second at bat with a sore throat and incredibly swollen tonsils.  Son #2 was up third with an ear infection and swollen tonsils, requiring amoxicillin.  Big Sis batted clean up and scored a home run with strep throat and pink eye.  It all went down Sunday morning when I noticed goop in Big Sis' eye.  I had to sing at church that morning so Hubby was responsible for taking the kids to Children's for meds.  What a trooper!  I was worried he would be left staring blankly when asked for the kids' dates of birth.  Luckily, he handled it all like a Professional Daddy!  He opted to give Big Sis a shot of antibiotics rather than eye drops and oral medication for ten days.  Her leg still hurts from the injection so she's home from school again.
  • It is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  We still do not have any decorations up yet.  I'm feeling a little Grinch-like.  It's not that I'm anti-Christmas, I just have not had any kind of time to get decorations out and up.  Who in the world wants to kick aside a pile of junk to put a Christmas tree where the junk used to be?  I need to do some serious house cleaning first.
  • Tornado Site.  Yep, that's what it looks like around here.  From all the sick kids to plans on Saturday night, I also had a church bake sale thrown in the middle.  Since the kids were sick, I only felt comfortable baking after completely sterilizing the kitchen.  I've wiped down cupboard handles and the refrigerator more times that I want to admit.  When I cook, I'm paranoid about germs....especially when that food is for someone else.  Luckily, all went well and Son #1 made $40 for his youth account at church.  I'll be really thankful for that come the next out-of-town trip.
  • Coupons.  I am almost ready to say I'm sick of them.  I'm not sick of them at all...I'm just sick of cutting them out and organizing them in my binder.  When I go to the store and save 50% on my entire bill, I realize how worth it this all is.  I have thousands of coupons.  Thousands.  They actually make me quite happy. 
  • Great Deals. They're everywhere! I have had so many brown boxes delivered to my doorstep the past few days! It just makes me happy that it's saving me time from going out shopping. Today's deal: another FREE Kindle book. O Little Town: A Novel. I have quite a few books waiting patiently on my Kindle to be read....maybe in mid-January when nothing's going on.
  • Triple Booked.  Tonight starts my holiday season of being triple booked for events.  Son #1 has a band concert, I have choir practice for our upcoming Christmas concert, and my sign language group has a performance tonight.  Not to forget the sick kids at home and the aforementioned tornado house.  Anyone remember that movie Multiplicity?  Sounding good right about now.

Well, I feel really guilty sitting here writing about all I have to do.  Today is grocery shopping day so there go a couple more hours.  Time to make the donuts!!!


Theresa said...

Sorry to hear that the kids are sick and you have all of this other overwhelming stuff going on :(

Kimberly said...

Love that movie! Hope your family gets better soon.