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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Stuff

  • Christmas Cards...
I am agonizing over the fact that I have not yet taken a photo for my Christmas card.  I know I'll end up rushing it and it won't be as good I would like it to be. 

Do you display the cards you receive from people?  I always hang mine in the doorway of my kitchen.  My mom always did it like that so that's how I do it.  This year, I've decided to hang them in the doorway between my living room and dining room.  It's a much wider doorway so we'll be less likely to bump into and knock down the cards.

Along that line, I have a funny story about Christmas cards.  A woman displayed the cards she received every year in her home.  One year, she was hosting an event at her home.  She felt like she hadn't received many cards so she retreated to the pile of cards she had saved from years past.  She mixed some of the nicer cards in with current cards.  A guest was browsing through the cards and started shaking her head slowly.  The hostess asked what was wrong.  "Poor Mary Johnson," she said.  "She must be losing her mind.  Bill passed away last year and she's still signing his name on their Christmas cards!"  The woman had to come clean and confess what she had done.  That story totally sounds like something my mom would do!

    FYI- this is NOT my drawer!!!
  • Organization...
Organization can sometimes be a bad thing.  I recently cleaned out the junk drawer in our kitchen.  Doesn't everybody have one?  I grouped together like items and put them in small ziplock baggies.  There's a baggie for matches, one for paper clips, and one for rubberbands.  The bad thing is when you lose the entire bag of paper clips.  I've been searching and searching for a stray paper clip anywhere in that drawer.  No luck.  We have no paper clips in this house.  Utter shame!

I bought two new packets of tabbed dividers for my coupon binder!  I get very antsy upon finding a better way to organize!

  • Babies & Parenting...
Baby Girl is into having a complete meltdown any time she doesn't get her way.  For example, when I put toothpaste on her toothbrush this morning, she became enraged that I only put a little bit.  "I don't want little bit!"  On the floor she fell, kicking and screaming.  It made me so angry that I ended up putting a ginormous glob of toothpaste on her brush and said, "There, are you happy now?"  And yes, she now is.  Wonderful parenting techniques I subscribe to, huh?

My little nephew is sick.  He's one of those babies who is either perfectly good or screaming bloody murder.  His mom suspects that he has an ear infection.  The Ask-A-Nurse told her to try propping him up on her chest while she slept because lying him down will put more pressure on his ear.  Therefore, my sister-in-law got no sleep last night.  I showed up at her house this morning, took the baby and the toddler, and told her to go take a nap.  I remember those days of trying to function on no sleep.  With no argument, she retreated to her room.  I must say, I really enjoyed snuggling with that sweet baby for a couple hours.  No, I do not want another baby....no, I do not want another baby!  I will keep repeating it to myself.

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Linda said...

Funny story about the Christmas Cards. I wish I had a nice staircase like the one in the pic to hang my cards on.