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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

+ & -

+ We finally have some snow around here!
-  We have snow here.

+ The kids are home from school which means all-day playmates for Baby Girl.
-  There is also a whole lot more noise around here.  At times, I must say the kids are driving me crazy!

+ Tonight, we have a double date with some new friends and I couldn't be more excited!  Going out with adults and no kids is something much to be desired around here.  We're even trying a new Italian/New York style restaurant that looks right up my alley!
-  Us going out means another non-homecooked meal for the kids.  I don't do much (any) cooking the week between Christmas and New Year's.

+ You can finally see the carpet in my house.  It's brown.  Remember, I requested "the color of dirt" when it was time to order carpet.
-  I still have a lot of stuff to put away.

+ I am dreaming about spending the Christmas money I received this year.  I think the list includes gray high heels, camel flat boots, a new scarf or two, anything from Forever 21, and a couple sensible things.
-  Finding time to shop is not easy.  I could take the whole family with me but they would drive me crazy, wanting to get out of there the entire time.  I am too nervous to buy shoes online.  I had toe surgery on both feet when I was in college.  Ever since, buying shoes has been a bit difficult.

+ New Year's Day is almost here!  After church, we will go to my mom's.  We will make a crazy amount of party food to snack on while the guys watch football and the girls play games.
-  The kids have to go back to school the next day.  Come on, couldn't have they given us just one more day off?

+ Hubby is off January 2nd (shocker!) so we have the day for just the three of us (Baby Girl comes velcroed to me.)
-  January 2nd is usually the day diet resolutions start.  Bummer.  Why even start a resolution if I know there's no way I'm going to keep it???

+ Dunkin Donuts chai.  Enough said.  I didn't realize it was that good!
-  I am totally frustrated with changing my blog layout.  I ended up using one of Blogger's backgrounds because I just could not get my own photo to look right.  They make you use such a small image that it won't fit all the way across the screen.  Tiling just does not look pretty, folks.  I have a snowy landscape picture of my own backyard that I am not able to use.  I am just not as technical as I'd like to be.

And to end things on a positive note:
+ Did I mention I'm going out with friends tonight?  Oh, yeah...sorry to bring that up again.  I'm just really looking forward to it!  I have a new friend and we seem to have been separated at birth.  She's a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying getting to know her.  I've had some bad luck when it comes to close friends.  Hopefully this one will be around for a while.

What pluses and minuses are in your life right now?

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