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Friday, December 2, 2011

Boys are Fickle

Girls are supposed to be the fickle ones, not boys.  But I have one who is.

Over the weekend, we were shopping at a discount clothing/home furnishings store.  Son #2 is in need of some warmer shirts for school.  He's at that awkward size between medium and large.  (I seriously wish they had a M 1/2!)  New size large shirts are too big and new size medium shirts will be too small the first time I wash them.  What fits him best are his brother's hand-me-downs that have been washed several times.  But he doesn't want those. 

I picked out two shirts I thought Son #2 might like.  He's incredibly picky but I think I've learned his taste.  He liked the black and gray striped shirt but it was way too big for him.  Because it was only a few dollars, I bought it for Son #1 instead.  The other shirt was orange striped. 
"I don't like orange," was his reply. 
"You don't want this shirt because you don't like orange?"  I asked. 
"I don't like orange." 
So I put the shirt back on the rack.

Tuesday morning, he was getting dressed for school.  "Where is my new shirt?" he asked.  Being in the semi-confused state of early morning, I told him it was still in the bag.  He dug through the crinkly bag and declared it wasn't there.  I huffed down the stairs, irritated that he can never find anything.  I pulled the black and gray shirt out and handed it to him. 
"This isn't mine," he said, "it's too big." 
Oh, that's right...I ended up buying it for his brother instead.  "Well, I didn't buy you one then."
"You didn't buy that orange shirt?"
"No, you said you didn't like orange."
"So you didn't buy it?"
"No!  I thought you didn't like it!  Why would I buy something for you to wear that you don't like?"
Angry, he stomped away to look for something to wear to school.

And I thought women were supposed to be the difficult ones to read!


Kimberly said...

Sometimes you just can't win! My second-born is always rejecting clothes because they are too itchy or uncomfortable. Maybe we should both take up sewing. ;)

SassyModernMom said...

LOL and I thought it was only girls that were hard to please. Kind of glad I'm not alone:)