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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Goofed

I really wish I wouldn't have messed with the design of my blog.  I don't like it and now I'm stuck.  I just wanted something colorful for Spring.  I've spent way too much time on this and it doesn't make me happy.  I cannot figure out how to make the header centered.  I don't know why...it was centered before!  And it's way too big.  But making it smaller makes it look awkwardly uncentered, which is worse.  Things like that eat at me until I become so frustrated that I get in a bad mood.

So that's my post for today.  I'm grumpy, I'm frustrated, and I am mad at technology.  I think I'll go to blog with a plain white background with black text.  Would you still read it?


Linda said...

I love the header photo. Even a little off-centered, it looks good. I totally understand your frustration with blogger--posting blogs frustrates me to. It just never seems to do what I want it to easily. I feel like I'm always jumping through hoops.

I'm sure people would read your blog no matter what.

chris said...

i do like your header and it does look like spring! i have a hard time with blog design too, especially the headers. i think i've found just the right size to crop to get the photos the way i want them to be - sort of. also, i have boldly tweaked the HTML in the template, sometimes with disastrous results! this is a pretty good website about working with blogger: http://www.squidoo.com/customize_blogger. and yes, i'd read your blog no matter what it looked like!