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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Hype

Are you caught up in all the hype over the Royal Wedding?  Did you wake up early this morning to catch the live footage (assuming you live on this side of the world)?

I'm not a fanatic, yet I'm very interested in watching the wedding.  I haven't caught it yet but it's recorded waiting to be viewed at a proper hour.  I wish I had a group of friends coming over tonight, wearing large brimmed hats, to watch the event of the year together.  I would brew some Earl Grey tea and make scones.  Maybe I would try to duplicate one of the appetizers rumored to be served at the wedding reception.  But alas, I have no such friends who wish to spend their Friday evening donning a silly hat.  Maybe Hubby....never mind, I won't even finish that sentence.

I was far too young to have been involved in the frenzy associated with the last Royal Wedding.  But I seem to remember people talking about it's significance.  My own daughter is 6 1/2, possibly old enough to enjoy this storybook wedding.  She truly believes she is a real princess so she might actually take an interest after all.  Boy, would she sure love to have been a flower girl in that wedding!

So, if you're watching, have a fabulous time.  And if you're celebrating with a proper tea party, please share!  (Or better yet, invite me!  I'll bring my own teacup!)


chris said...

i had the same party thoughts as you and would totally come to your event!! of course, the only hat i have is a red sox cap...glad i'm not the only excited about this wedding! i love weddings!!

Theresa said...

I wish I lived near you! I would don a silly hat and drink Earl Grey and eat scones and even make an appetizer to bring over!!! It woud've been fun!

I didn't wake up early either, but we watched the recording of it and the girls loved the hats--they got out sketchbooks to "design" some.

I decided that betwixt is a cool word and we should use it on this side of the pond ;-)