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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleeping, Waking Up, Being Lazy

I love it when I come to bed and Hubby is talking in his sleep.  Most of the time, he just mumbles or whispers and I can't understand him.  But occasionally, he'll be so into it that I can have a conversation with him.  Last night was such a night.

When he first begins speaking, sometimes I wonder if he's faking it and trying to get a rise out of me.  That's how clear it was last night.  He typically is quite mean, however.  As I got into bed, it sounded like he asked me to do something.  Immediately after that sentence, he sarcastically said,
"Well, I guess not then, stupid!" 
I snickered and asked, "What?  What do you want me to do?"
"Psh!" he sighed sarcastically.
He was mad about something.  "This is ridiculous!"
More quiet laughing from me.  "Why are you mad?"
"I've been here all day!"
He was quiet for a while while I asked a series of questions trying to get him to talk again.  Finally, he answered, "There's a line going from here to there, dummy!"
That one got me laughing out loud, which woke him up.
"What are you doing?"  he wondered.
"Carrying on conversations with you in your sleep!  Why are you so mean to me when you're sleep talking?"
He was not happy I was making fun of him and told me so.

I rubbed his back as he drifted happily to sleep again.  In what seemed like ten minutes later, my alarm went off and woke me from my peaceful slumber.  Another day begins.

The days are beginning earlier presently.  My kids have to make up a few of the snow days that exceeded the limit.  Instead of making them go extra days at the end of the school year, they added half hour increments to each day.  So now school begins at 7:30.  That is really early.  Trying to get kids in bed at 8:30 at night is so difficult, especially when their dad doesn't get home from work until after 6:30.  It seems like we eat, clean up, and go to bed. 

I'm anxious for lazy summer nights when we can enjoy spending time together as a family.  It seems like the entire streets stands in their yards, doing nothing but talking to one another until the mosquitoes come out.  Those are my favorite kind of nights.  The kids come in late with dirty hands and feet, smelling like outside.  No one is in a hurry, no one is yelling for children to get in bed.  It will be here soon!

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clare suzanne said...

Reading about your Hubby sleep talking made me laugh out loud. My husband does the same thing. The job from the day is still in his thoughts and he ends up yelling at me in his sleep because of something that went bad. It's nice other women have to endure the same "entertainment". Thanks for sharing!