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Friday, April 22, 2011

Unorganized Thoughts

I could really go for some banana pudding right about now.  You know, the good kind with vanilla wafers at the bottom, banana pudding, banana slices, and Cool Whip!  Mmmm....  It's been years since I've had the stuff but I can remember exactly how it tastes.  When I was little, my grandma would make it whenever we were really sick.  She was awesome like that.


We live very near a hospital. When the medical helicopter flies over our house, it sounds like we're being attacked. Hubby and the boys think it's fabulous. I could live without it.


I've been on a cleaning rampage lately.  Gee, I hope that doesn't mean I'm mysteriously knocked up or anything.  It's so nice to have a clean house!!!


I'm beginning to wonder where Spring is.  We have the rain, yes.  The grass is green.  But it's so incredibly cold.  I really want to wear sandals!


The first event that has made me crazy busy lately takes place tonight.  I'm nervous and really anxious for it to be over.  Event #2 is on May 2nd.  Wish me luck...keep me in your thoughts...say a prayer for me...nice things like that.  Thanks!


My tomato plants are doing fabulous! I'm so proud I haven't killed them yet! My tulips are about to bloom and I can't wait to see them! I just planted the bulbs in the fall. My grass (the legal kind) is starting to sprout up and looks so cute! I hope it's thick and lovely by May 2.


Do you read Single Dad Laughing?  You should.  He's only the biggest blog in the world - or something like that.  I entered a pic from vacation in a Mom Photo Contest.  Go vote for it, if you feel like it.  It's called Together at the Beach.


Because of my crazy busyness and vacation, we still haven't celebrated my MIL's birthday (April 7) or my Dad's 60th (April 1.)  Boy, do I feel like a lousy daughter!


The huge guy across the street came outside and yelled at the Mailbox Kids while I was cowered behind the curtains videotaping them.  I thought it was hilarious!  The cop I called never seemed to show up. 


What's on your mind today?


Theresa said...

Magnolia Bakery makes AMAZING banana pudding!

I love random posts!!

I am going to vote for that photo!!

Linda said...

I voted. I love the image. I'm a big fan of black & white and I love that the horizon is tilted enough that it looks like it was an artistic intention.