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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Me, Being Random

I am growing grass.  The legal kind.
I have thirty 6.5" terracotta pots on my dining room table, filled with soil and grass seed.  (The kids keep asking where we're going to eat dinner.  Frankly, I don't know!)  They are going to be centerpieces for a Mother's Day banquet that I'm in charge of (one of the things making me crazy right now).  I really hope they turn out cute.  We're going to stick branches in the pot of grass that will display the table numbers.  We will tie raffia around the pots.  What do you think?


I hate it that I'm so busy right now that I can't find time to blog.  I hope you all stick with me and wait out this chaoticness.  (Is that a word?)


It is much nicer in South Carolina than it is where I live.


I hate scraping the bottom of an empty peanut butter jar.  It is so much more fun to take the first dip out of a brand new jar.  But due to my cheapness, I use every little speck of peanut butter I can before throwing away the jar.


When I give something to Baby Girl, she usually replies, "Thank you much!"  It comes out sounding Thank You Mutz.  I think it's adorable!


I received a baby shower invitation in the mail for someone who has cut herself out of my life.  I just recently heard through the grapevine that she was even expecting.  The funny thing was all the rules the invitation came with.  "Well behaved children are welcome with their mothers."  Well, I guess that counts me out!  Am I wrong to be somewhat offended being invited to this event?  I haven't spoken to anyone in the family in an awfully long time.


I am wearing a shirt today that I wasn't able to wear last summer.  Feels good!  On my way to skinny....


Theresa said...

Yay for being on your way to skinny!! I am with you on the peanut butter thing :)

Hope the Mother's Day thing goes great--but shouldn't women who are not moms be in charge of that so you can have fun?

As for the baby shower invite. People are weird.

Linda said...

The centerpiece idea is brilliant. Really though, how about the dads organizing this thing--now, when you've picked yourself up off the floor from laughing, I'll continue...

The baby-shower thing--I guess it depends on whether you want that person back in your life. It sounds like a bid for gifts. If she's a person you think would enhance your life in any way, then go for it. If she would be an element of drama, of which it sounds like you need none, then stay away and send a nice card.

Just my opinion.

k said...

That baby shower invite sounds like total b.s. Rules? No relationship with the woman expecting yet still getting an invite? Boo to all of it.

Michelle said...

I love the idea of the grass for the centerpieces! Sounds wonderful!

And, yes, the baby shower invite is crap. If you aren't even in touch with her for her to tell you she's pregnant, then you shouldn't have to go.